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Café Racer & The City (2011)

A (really short) movie about a café racer and the city. That’s it.

Filmed and directed by Alexander Khudokon, and found on the great Silodrome.

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MG EX181 (1957)

Here’s a video regarding MG’s EX181 and its world record achievement.

Quoting myself again:

Think of the EX181 as an MGA on steroids. This car had the engine from an MGA (1.5 liters) but it was running on 86% methanol laced with nitrobenzene, acetone and sulphuric ether.

So, in 1957, MG have asked our good man Stirling Moss to take it for a spin on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The result was a world record of 245mph (395kph) and a great day for MG.

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Patrick Depailler racing at Long Beach, 1978.

One of the most satisfying camera angles to watch Mr. Depailler doing his magic with the Tyrrell 008 — the last Tyrrell he ever drove.

What I especially like about this footage, aside from the obvious, is that it’s pretty easy to spot why Formula 1 was so dangerous back then, even in 1978. You get the “kart feeling” and instability just by watching the action, except the speeds are as mental as todays’.

It is quite something, isn’t it?

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Saloon Car Racing, 1984

Ayrton Senna, Niki Lauda, Fittipaldi and many other F1 champions drive the Mercedes 190E in the inaugural race of Saloon Car Racing. Senna was a rookie at the time, and still managed to take 1st place away from the masters.

Elvis Presley drives the very first McLaren!

"The King of Rock and Roll drives the first McLaren – the Elva M1A group 7 car – in this scene from his 1966 film Spinout. In the clip, found for us by McLaren Design and Development Director, and all round legend, Neil Oatley.

The car itself was apparently raced in the UK and the US by Graham Hill. But here it’s Elvis doing the driving (well, some of it – special effects weren’t quite as good back then!). The gold car, bearing number 5, makes its first appearance at 1:07 secs on the video.

Fashions may have changed since the film was made 45 years ago, but some things stay the same. When Elvis says “that car’s something else,” he’s told: “Imagination built this car and it takes imagination to drive it.”


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Depth Of Speed: Passion for British Roadster

To be completely honest with you, this is the only life I would ever need.

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2010 Goodwood Revival RAC TT

Watch this. It is mandatory. Mr. Old Valves tells you to.

Where else can you see 5 to 20 million dollar cars racing as flat out as they can, when they’re only half a dozen of a particular car left on the planet, just for the sake of reviving the magic of the 60’s, when money didn’t matter?

I had never seen a Ferrari 250 GTO racing as hard as this. Only in the rare footage I find of the 60’s Targa Florio, here and there, obviously. There is a lot of will power in Goodwood Revival, and that’s just proper racing philosophy.

This makes me smile a lot. One more reason to love Nick Mason, actually.

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Jaguar D Type onboard lap at Le Mans (1956), with Mike Hawthorn

Carrying on with the onboard Le Mans series, this is some amazing footage (not rare anymore though) of Mike Hawthorn describing a Le Mans lap — with traffic on the road! Obviously he couldn’t go flat out, but the traffic factor just adds to the vintage feeling that this isn’t going to happen anymore.

Just wonderful. This was the magic of the 50’s.

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Peugeot 405 T16 Pikes Peak

A wonderful short movie by Jean Louis Mourey (1990) filled with extremely manly inboard and outboard (outboard?) action of the monster that was the 405 T16, as well as anything else with T16 after its name, which might include one Terminator or two.

— This was sent to me by wingsofspeed, thanks man.

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Mark Webber Pole Lap at the Monaco GP, 2011

"Hey, aren’t you supposed to be stuck in the past?"

Yes, I am, but the nice folks at BBC managed to include some of the 80s/90s crashes at Monaco along a few corners while Webber shows us how it’s done.

Senna crashed, Coulthard crashed, Schumacher crashed, Prost crashed… will Vettel do the same tomorrow?